MAXIN stands for Maximal Invasive Techniques in Emergency Medicine.

What is MAXIN about?

With technical advances there are increasingly more invasive techniques available to treat and resuscitate critically ill or seriously injured patients. MAXIN is a unique 2-day course aimed at learning and performing these invasive techniques by using simulators and specially prepared recirculated human specimens.

Which topics are covered?

During the MAXIN course participants will learn and perform invasive life-supporting techniques such as invasive surgical airway maneuvers, difficult vein access, the REBOA maneuver, ECLS-ECMO and resuscitative thoracotomy.

Who is the workshop for?

The MAXIN course is aimed at all physicians working in the field of acute and emergency medicine.

How long does the workshop last?

The workshop takes place on 2 consecutive days. The first day is mainly focused on acquiring basic knowledge. Also there will be room to practice on the simulator. The second day percipients will get the chance to perform all covered invasive techniques on specially prepared recirculated human specimens.

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course location & program

The COURSE LOCATION is Berlin/Germany. The first day we stay at NAW Berlin, the second day we stay at “Kompetenzzentrum in Wendisch-Rietz (Brandenburg)”. Participants will be transferred to the course location in Wendisch-Rietz.

We use the first day initially to create the theoretical foundations. Experts report on traps from their everyday clinical practice and critically examine the advantages and disadvantages of maximally invasive emergency medicine. The first exercises will take place on simulation models and an animal preparation.

During the second day we are in the medical competence center in Wendisch-Rietz (Brandenburg), where we have extensive opportunities to apply all measures on the human preparation.

MAXIN International is a cooperation between NAW-Berlin/Germany and Emergency Department of Leiden University Medical Center/The Netherlands

The course speech is English. This course is also held in German. Please note the different course dates.